Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

Elle had a very fun Valentines Day! She really understood the concept of Cupid...bringing her presents. It was hillarious! We woke up and she found some cute dresses, a light up heart necklace and an Aurora Pez! She LOVED her gifts from cupid.

 We then made pink heart pancakes!

Daddy had beautiful roses delivered to Mommy!

Throughout the day we found out where Nick was and gave him little treats. We heart attacked his car while he was in court, dropped off some goodies in his car while he was at school. It was really fun and made our day FULL of Valentines!

We met Daddy for lunch at our favorite sandwich place, Caruso's! Elle was FULL of love and kisses!

We ended our day playing at the library and finding some good books and movies to check out!

                               Elle showing off her new Valentines Day dress! She is so beautiful!

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