Thursday, February 7, 2013


Elle burned her finger on the skillet about 3 weeks ago. We immediately put on a PRINCESS bandaid. Whenever that bandaid fell off, a new one went on. When it fell off, a new one went on.
She would FREAK out if it came off...hysterical! We let it go on until all the bandaids were gone.
That was tonight! We took it off of her in her sleep.
Elle comes into our bed around 6:30 every morning. Nick and I were waiting to see if she noticed. Sure enough, about 5 minutes after laying there, her finger went up and she just starred at it.
She got up after a while and started FREAKING out that she needed another bandaid on her finger, but we were DONE with the bandaid issue! So she walked around for about 2 hours with her whole left hand completely unable to do anything with it. It was so funny!


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  1. Ha ha - I loved seeing all the photos with her and her "bandaid". What a fun trip you had in AZ - so many "firsts" for Elle - she is a bundle of energy and so funny and smart. We look forward to seeing you in a few months!