Thursday, January 31, 2013

Elle's "Silly" Face

Elle learned this awesome "silly" face from Aunt Kami and cousin Tyler. She loves making it!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our last day

We were out the door by 9:30 AM to head to Phoenix. We couldn't leave without saying bye to PAPA! We met him on the side of the road and he got out and gave Elle big hugs and kisses. Elle loves her papa a lot.

Elle took a much needed nap on the way to Phoenix.

The plan was to meet Aunt Becky and Connor for lunch at Rainforest Cafe. I was sure Elle would love it, considering how much she loves zoo animals. NOWAY! She was terrified and we were OUT of there within 5 minutes.

So we ended up eating delicious ( not) mall food. There was an upside...they had a MERRY GO ROUND! I was sure Aunt Becky would have offered herself to go with Elle, but I went instead. Of all the animals she could have chosen to ride on, she wanted to sit on the bench. So we sat on the bench and had the time of her life!

We said one more goodbye to baby Connor and  Aunt Becky and headed off to find a treat! We went to a frozen yogurt place and it was awesome!

We got to the airport, just in time, and Grammy walked with us all the way to the very last step she could take. We said goodbye and flew home to DADDY!

Elle was perfect on the flight and literally was pushing through people when we were getting off the plane to see Daddy. He was waiting for us and she ran to him and just hugged him and kissed him! We sure missed Daddy!

We had such a fun time in Arizona and are so thankful my parents could fly us out! I love the relationship Elle has with Grammy and Papa. She loves them so much!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 6: Walk and shopping

Grammy had to go play in a tennis match in the morning. So Elle and I decided to go on another walk!
We BOTH walked about a mile. Elle told me she wanted to sit in the stroller on the way back, under one condition, " No Straps!". She is so independent!

When Grammy got home we were READY to go to lunch and finish our trip with more shopping!
As my last meal I chose, El Molinitos of course! So good! Elle ate almost an entire basket of chips and couldn't get enough salsa! Arizona girl at heart!

We went to Tucson Mall after and Grammy took Elle on a shopping spree. Grammy has really good taste! Elle was getting sick of walking ( and we were getting sick of chasing her and carrying her
 30.5 lb body), so Grammy rented a stroller. Elle stayed in the whole time and really enjoyed "driving".

I love this picture of Elle. Our trip was coming to a close and I really think she was day dreaming of seeing her Daddy! I gave her 4 pennies and taught her how to make a wish. She would close her eyes tight, throw her penny in the fountain and say, " WISH". She was so soft and sweet.

We went over to Aunt Susie and Uncle Ken's for dinner. It was of course delicious and Elle was in heaven in Aunt Susie's " Grand" room. We had fun just talking and catching up. Whenever we come into town we always need a little visit from Aunt Susie and Ken Dog.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 5: Park, Bowler visit

Started the day going on a nice walk with Papa. We found a cute little park and had some fun!
Elle learned to climb up the jungle ropes. It was fun seeing her growth, just in the span of 5 minutes. She was VERY unsure if she wanted to keep climbing at first. Mommy had to help a little the first 2 times. After that she was like a pro!

                                                             ( look at that determination)

Papa went down the slides with Elle. It was SO fun for Elle to see him doing that.

We got a call saying CONNOR was here! We rushed home and spent the rest of the day with Uncle John, Aunt Becky and baby Connor. Great Aunt Becky and Amelia and Ross came over for a visit too. It was so fun seeing them! Great Grandpa Dillion and Great Grandma Kathleen came over too for some dinner and a visit.

Uncle John is a very talented photographer and set up his studio in Grammy and Papa's house.

She made this picture totally amazing...

Love how Elle is so gentle and sweet with baby Connor!

This photo shoot was so fun!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 4: Cookies, GG and Party

Grammy had to work a few hours in the morning. So Papa and Elle thought it would be nice to make cookies for Grammy and bring them to her work as a surprise. Elle LOVES making cookies and being able to make cookies with Papa was even BETTER!

After we went in to drop off the cookies we decided to harass Grammy even further and go through the drive through at her work! 

We then met with Great Grandma Gray, aka GG! We went to lunch at Sauce and sat on the patio under the heater. It was so fun visiting with her and watching Elle have a blast on the patio in her own little world!

That night Grammy through a surprise party in Phoenix for Great Grandpa's 70th birthday. It was a lot of fun and good food! Great Grandpa was very surprised and the whole night was great!

 Elle was so lucky to be able to stay in Tucson with Aunt Kami and cousin Tyler. Elle is so in love with Tyler. I got a text message from Aunt Kami saying " Tyler is doing silly things and Elle is laughing hysterically at him". I believed it!

Tyler taught Elle how to make this silly face...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 3: Smith visit and shopping

We went to Olive Garden with Grandma Smith, Aunt Abby, cousin Aiden and FUTURE Aunt Ashley! She had fun seeing all her family. She also had fun tormenting the men sitting behind us. I believe at one point she rubbed the mans head who was directly behind us. SO embarrassing, but hilarious!
I love how I buy Elle her own meal, only to have her eat 2 grapes! She drank her "pop" like a champion and enjoyed BOTH of our mints after the meal was over.

After having fun with the Smith's we met Grammy Shipley for some shopping! We went to Foothills mall and got some YUMMY cookies from Grandma's Bakery! Grammy got about 3 inches of frosting on her cookie, and Elle loved every bite of it! 

We went into Children's Place and Elle immediately found a pair of sassy pink sunglasses and an awesome rainbow colored sunglass " purse" carrier. She really had to put on her charm with Grammy, but eventually Grammy realized you really cant say no to Elle when she asks so sweetly, 

( She absolutely loved her little sunglass purse)

We ended the day with getting my all time FAVORITE Mexican Food, El Molintos!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 2: Reid Park Zoo and baby Connor

Elle LOVES the Zoo! She is such an animal lover ( obviously she gets that from Daddy). We didn't think we were going to able to go because it had been raining all that morning. When we got to the Zoo it was sprinkling and GORGEOUS outside! We decided to " brave" the sprinkles and walk around anyway. I am so glad we did. It made it all the more fun!

Elle got to feed " Denver" the giraffe. She kept calling him " Horton". She especially loved seeing the Peacock and the Lions.

( I love her hands in her pockets!)

She also loved feeding the ducks! She would try and throw it where all the ducks were huddled around to make them fight for it ( again, she must get this from her Daddy).

After the zoo Elle took a nice long NAP! She was so tired from running around at the zoo.

Then...THE MEETING took place! Elle has seen pictures of baby Connor and videos, but nothing is the same as real life! She was SO in love with him. She would give him sloppy kisses on his fuzzy little head, hug him tight, and tell him " It's okay, mommy's gotcha". She also LOVED Becky! She would give her random hugs and light up whenever she saw her.

We also were able to see Elle's Great Grandpa Dillion and Great Grandma Kathleen.This was the first time he has been able to meet Elle, so that was really special. It made it even more fun that he was getting to see his TWO GREAT Grandchildren at once!

The rest of the day we hung out at my parents house with Becky and Connor. I love this sweet this guy. He fell asleep on me and I just about melted! I know him and Elle are going to be great buddies in the years to come!