Saturday, January 28, 2012

Scott and Monica Shipley Wedding

They got married! It was a beautiful Temple wedding and a wonderful luncheon at Bucca De Beppo. Elle especially liked drinking some soda ( Sprite) for the first time in her life. Elle was all dolled up and I must say...she looked absolutely beautiful! It was really fun to be able to be at Scott and Monica's wedding!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Monica's Bridal Shower and Endowments

On Saturday I was able to leave Elle with Kami & Tyler the whole day to go to Phoenix to attend Monica's bridal shower and Endowments! The shower was put together beautifully. It was really sweet hearing Monica express how much she loves my brother. I am happy they are getting married. The endowments were absolutely amazing. There is nothing better than being in the Temple with your whole family ( minus Alexis and Ben ). We went to Macaroni Grill after to celebrate and it was delicious!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trip to Arizona

We had such a fun time in sunny Tucson, AZ! When we got in and Grams and Papa were not waiting at the gate to pick us up...they went to the WRONG gate. Well, as soon as Elle saw PAPA ( which she knows how to say now) she went running into his arms. It literally took 5 minutes for Larry to even acknowledge me. :) We went and saw Scott at his work then went and ate at 5 Guys Burger and Fries! We spent the majority of our trip visiting family, eating lunch with Papa, shopping with BOTH Grandma's and going to the ZOO! While I went to Monica's bridal shower and endowments, Elle was lucky enough to spend a whole day with almost all her cousins and Aunts! She loves them so much...and I am pretty sure they love her too. :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Elle's first day of Nursery was January 1, 1012. She did amazing! She went right in and started playing with the toys...she didn't even notice we were gone! By the time we came to pick her up...she had fallen asleep! This is how most of her time in Nursery is spent. I think I have a harder time with her being in Nursery than she does...this girl is growing up so fast!